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    Radiant Barriers

    Radiant Barriers are installed to reduce summer heat gain in attics, deflecting up to 40% of incoming heat.

    without radiant barrier
    with radiant barrier

     A radiant barrier is thin sheets of aluminum installed over your attic’s insulation

    They are reflective and keep out the heat in the summer and maintain the warm air when it’s cold outside.

    Heat always travels from hot to cold. If the attic is hot, the heat travels down to cooler rooms below. A radiant barrier will take the brunt of the heat into the barrier, resulting in a cooler attic. 

    Benefits of a radient barrier

    Radiant Barriers Require expert installation techniques in order to work effectively.  

    Solar Fans

    Solar fans take the hot air from your attic and replace it with cool air – using solar power!

    Make your home more comfortable with a solar fan

    A solar fan is similar to other attic fans, with a huge plus – it’s run by solar energy!  By using energy from the sun, you are lowering your energy bills, as well as lowering your carbon footprint!
    A solar fan takes the warm air out of your attic and puts cooler air in it’s place, helping your HVAC system keep your home as comfortable as possible – cooler in the summer, and warmer in the winter.

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    Do I need a solar fan?

    Most homes with attics are suitable for a solar fan.

    You’ll need lots of sun exposure – but most solar fans can be adjusted to receive the maximum amount of sunlight.

    A solar fan is a great choice if you have limited electrical capabilities in your attic – no complicated wiring for an electric fan!

    Solar fan Benefits

    Energy Efficient

    Powered by the sun’s energy, a solar fan leaves less of a carbon footprint than if it would rely on fossil fuel energy!

    Cost Effective

    Because it’s so energy efficient, you’ll receive lower energy bills! You can also receive federal tax benefits for using reusable energy!

    Runs quietly

    A solar fan makes a lot less noise than a regular fan – the only sound coming from the turning blades.

    Lowers Temperature and Humidity​

    A solar fan reduces humidity and cools off your attic.

    Keeps your roof protected

    Excessive heat and moisture in an attic can cause your shingles to melt and warp. It can also cause mold and mildew. 
    A solar fan increases ventilation and better protects your roof.

    Supports your HVAC system

    Attic fans work alongside your HVAC system to keep your home comfortable – a solar fan does so without using additional energy. 

    This takes a load off of your HVAC system, which may extend it’s lifespan.


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